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Key nutrients for…

Healthier Skin

Improved digestion

Shinier coats

More Energy

Better metabolic function

Improved immunity

… in every bottle

Advanced nutrition never tasted so good.


Better gut health.

Vitamins C and E

Antioxidants for immunity.

Zinc and Biotin

Healthier skin and coat.

B vitamins

Boosted metabolism.

More nutrition

See what one bottle a day can do for your dog

Organic ingredients

0 Carbs

0 Sugar

0 Fat

Formulated by Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists

Formulated by Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists

BSM Partners

BSM Partners, a multidisciplinary team of PhDs, board-certified veterinarians and nutritionists, offers 400+ years of cumulative technical experience.

VK9 is committed to a sustainable, better future

1% for the Planet

As a 1% for the Planet member, VK9 is committed to contributing 1% of our profits to environmental nonprofits with the mission of ensuring the prosperity of our planet and future generations.

Climate Neutral Now

VK9 is a signatory on the UN Climate Neutral Now Pledge through which we have committed to measure and reduce emissions, contribute to projects, and report on our progress toward helping achieve a climate neutral world by 2050.

Metal Recycles Forever

VK9 bottles are made of infinitely recyclable aluminum, maintaining product quality while eliminating packaging waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

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